A Sleep Revolution?

Arianna Huffington has been a big proponent in the health and wellness news. Ever since she collapsed in the middle of work and injured herself, she has been at the forefront of pacing yourself, taking care of your health, and having an almost zen-like approach to life. 

Huffington was an overachiever. She started The Huffington Post, wrote numerous books, raised a family, and more. She was giving up something, though, throughout the process. And that thing was sleep.

The Sleep Revolution 

So, after that tragic event, what did she do? She learned all there was about sleep and then wrote a book about it. Turns out that sleep affects every part of our lives, which is reflected in the book itself. It covers how sleep affects our personal lives and the scientific evidence behind the ways that sleep integrates into our health.

I Can Sleep When I'm Dead

One tenet of Huffington's book takes on the popular idea that "I can sleep when I'm dead." This attitude undermines the importance of sleep. In fact, the opposite of this is actually true. Lack of sleep puts our lives at risk. It negatively affects our health in many ways. It influences weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer's.

Improve Your Life In Just Thirty Minutes

Huffington reveals that she changed her life in just thirty minutes. Those thirty minutes were spent sleeping.

Being a high-powered woman, that was all the time she could immediately find to dedicate to sleep. As she rearranged her priorities and freed up more time for catching some z's, she was able to get an appropriate amount of sleep every night.

Unplug, Literally

Sleep habits can be changed but it needs to be done little by little. Huffington reminds us that when we are children, there is a ritual that signals it is time for sleep. We bathe them, put on their pajamas, brush their teeth, and read a bedtime story. It’s this routine that gives kids the queue that it’s bedtime.

We forget about this ongoing ritual as adults, but it still holds true. It is recommended that we do things that signal our bodies, and our minds, that we are preparing for sleep. It is suggested to incorporate those early behaviors. We can add other things. Meditation has been shown to aid in falling asleep. A nice bath can also prepare us for sleep. An herbal supplement can transition us from waking to sleep. Most important is to unplug. Move your cell phone or tablet to another room.

Having A Good Morning

The counterpart to getting a good night's sleep is to have a good morning. Huffington sets an intention for the day. Having herbal support to get your day started can keep you on track so that you don't get behind and cut into your sleep time at the end of the day.

Baby Steps

Making these small changes over time can have a big impact. We at completeblue are here to guide you along the way on your sleep journey and beyond. Let us know how we can help!

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