Prescription sleeping pills - what to watch out for

More and more people are having trouble with sleep. About a third of Americans don’t get the sleep they need, and many of them speak to their family doctor about it. Many of those get put on a prescription sleeping medication and do indeed sleep better at night.

But what are some things you should watch out for?

First, most prescription sleep aids are sedatives, and sedation is not the same as sleeping. In fact, the brain wave patterns of someone asleep naturally and one sedated with prescription sleep aids are starkly different. It’s important to know that simply sleeping is not enough; rather, getting the restorative sleep you need and waking up the next day refreshed is what counts.

Second, prescription sleep aids have their issues when it comes to efficacy. They are habit forming, meaning that the same dose you started with may not be effective over time, thus requiring you to get higher doses. Second, they can have a rebound effect, meaning that if you get off of it, your sleeping problems can come back, and oftentimes even worse than before! 

Third, like all medications, they have side effects. The biggest is daytime drowsiness, which is particularly problematic for someone who has to drive to work in an impaired state. The second is erratic sleep-related behavior. People can suffer from parasomnias, or movements during sleep that would normally be inhibited by your body during REM sleep, and this leads to poorer sleep quality.  Another is memory impairment and poor cognitive performance, likely due to the poor sleep quality we discussed earlier. 

If you’re on a quest to better sleep and are just starting off, we recommend you try a natural alternative such as SLUMBER to better your sleep. Its natural, non-habit-forming ingredients are a safe alternative that can help you achieve the sleep you need with confidence. If you are already on sleeping medications, speak with your primary care doctor to see if alternatives such as SLUMBER can be the right move for you.

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