Sleep and Mindfulness - the connection

Mindfulness has long been touted as a core pillar of a peaceful and conscious lifestyle. Could sleep be the key we’re missing?

According to research from the University of South Florida, it may. A new study in Sleep Health showed that about half an hour of extra sleep each night can be enough for someone to be more mindful the next day. Wow, only that much!

Looking for the connection

In this study, researchers tracked the sleep patterns of nurses for two weeks and how they performed on their mindfulness the next day. Mindfulness by itself can be tough to track, as it’s basically a state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment and on one’s feelings. So the researchers had to rely on self-reported data. They looked at 8 variables across 5 dimensions: satisfaction, alertness, timing, efficiency, and duration. Other factors they considered included socidemographic data, work shift, workday (vs nonwork day), and weekend (vs weekday). 

You can be awake and alert but not necessarily mindful. You can also be tired and sleepy but be mindful. 

What they found

After some serious number crunching, they found that better sleep did indeed improve mindfulness. More sleep by nurses led to greater mindful attention the next day. They also had less feelings of sleepiness and insomnia, which makes sense.

Sleep and mindfulness are two areas that have a huge impact on our health and well-being, and when combined, they work together to improve our lives that day. So if you’ve struggled to be mindful, sneak in an extra half hour of sleep at night. Clean up your nighttime habits and take a supplement like SLUMBER if needed!

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