What is blue light?

What is blue light? You’ve probably heard about it, likely in a negative way. 

Blue light is a type of light that has the shortest wavelength and highest energy within the visible light spectrum. It helps boost alertness, heighten reaction time, and elevate our moods. Many scientists have found a similar effect in aquatic animals, which leads many to believe that the effects of blue light specifically can be traced back to our aquatic ancestors living in a big blue ocean (that’s your fun, random fact for the day).

Artificial blue light bathes our modern world and halts the forward progress of our biological clocks in the evening. Tablets, smartphones, computers, and more emit more of this type of light due to the LED (light emitting diode) nature of the light sources. LED lights within our own home are also a big source. This leads to an environment where we are surrounded by blue light from all angles and sources, making it harder to wind down.

One of the earliest studies found that using an iPad, a device rich in blue LED light, for two hours prior to bed blocked the rise of melatonin by a significant 23%. It also impacted the quality of sleep, with people on the iPad for 2 hours getting much less REM sleep than those who read just a printed book.

Our recommendations for blue light is to wind it down an hour before your bedtime. That way, you’ll allow your eyes to adjust to a more dim, mellow environment, perfect for sleep. Fill your time with other tasks like reading a book, cleaning up, spending time with family, etc. Your phone and work will be present the next morning for you to tackle.

Another random fact for your day. Completeblue got its name from this blue light phenomenon specifically. We believe that the blue light one sees throughout the day should be winded down, completed, so that we go through our nights sound asleep.

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