Our Drive

The Mission

To clean up the supplements industry.

Our mission is just that, plain and simple. Through innovative formulas using the highest-quality ingredients, our goal is to help a million people reinvigorate their lives from a company that they trust.

The Vision

To bridge the gap between traditional medicine and alternative treatments.
completeblue is founded by healthcare workers, who have seen first hand the benefits and drawbacks of both styles of treatment. We want to see a world where the two come together, each playing a role in your overall health.

The TTT Values


Some supplement brands launch products based on hype or what sells. We at completeblue launch products only if the science backs it up. We review the literature and draw on our own experiences as clinicians to come up with the best formulation. We then venture out to find the best ingredients to form the best product. Finally, we put it all together for an excellent customer experience.


We believe in being an open book, that there's nothing to hide. So we reference all of our studies and claims, make available all of our lab test results, and we don't use proprietary blends in place of transparent ingredients. We show you who we really are.


In a world where trust is harder to find than ever, completeblue wants to be that trustworthy source of information for our customers. Founded by medical professionals (not just formulated or approved, but actually founded), we believe the relationship you have with our company is of the utmost importance.