The complete Guarantee

completeblue has a Competitor Replacement Guarantee, a unique kind of guarantee in the health and wellness industry.

If after 30 days of using any of our products you are not completely satisfied with the results, we will purchase for you a comparative product and ship it directly to you. You get to keep our product and you receive our competitor’s product free of charge. We are committed to ensuring you achieve your health goals, and this is our way of showing it.

Competitor products must be orally consumed health supplements, be priced at a retail value at or below the price of the product you purchased from us, and be currently in stock and able to be shipped to your destination in a reasonable manner. The competitor product is subject to approval from our team on grounds of use and similarity with our product(s). Only one competitor product can be used as a replacement, and this guarantee can only be used by one customer, on only one completeblue product, only once in the customer's lifetime.

To take advantage of this offer, please reach out to us at In the title of the email, write “Competitor Replacement Guarantee.” In the body of the text, please include your name, email, when you purchased our product, what you purchased from us, and a competitor product you’d like for the replacement.

Requests are processed within 3 business days and all requests will be processed in the same currency of the original purchase. Depending on the competitor company, most products will arrive within 14 days after the request was processed.